What I Can Speak To

The Rise of The Misfits
This talk shines a light on the principles which animate The Misfit Economy – HUSTLE, HACK, COPY, PROVOKE, PIVOT – and illustrates how we can learn to create formidable cultures; foster ingenuity; and build lean, facile start-ups from Somali pirates, Amish farmers, gang leaders, Chinese copycats, protesters, computer hackers, and 18th century pirates.


Emotional Intelligence From Unforeseen Places

With hand-written slides and audio, I share a few stories from the dark side which  illuminate valuable lessons in emotional intelligence, and which serve as testament to idea that all of us – no matter where we come from or what we do – are trying to make sense of the human experience and live an enriched, fulfilled life. From ex-prisoners, you can discover the tremendous benefits of sitting still and carving out time to be alone. From 18th century pirates, you can learn the power of infusing meaning, mission, and narrative into your actions. Amish camel milk farmers, with their luddite life-styles, can teach you how to counter-act the unrelenting digital pace of your life. And from an ex drug smuggler turned master computer programmer, you can learn of the virtues of welcoming ambiguity and living in mystery.


Additional topics and custom content are available, as required.