Living The Questions

In 1999, when he was twenty years old, Duane Jackson was sent to prison for trafficking drugs from England to the United States. Ten years since his arrest, and a two and half year stint locked up, Duane has started, grown, and successfully sold his own business. By 2013, his company, KashFlow (a cloud based accounting software business) was employing 40 people, bringing in £2m a year in revenue, and providing its accounting services to around 20,000 start ups.

How did he do it? Drawing on his passion for coding, and his life experiences in both children’s homes and prison, he cultivated a persistence and hustle that drove him forward.

In this podcast, a former drug trafficker changes the direction of his life and becomes an early pioneer of the tech world.

For more of Duane’s story, get your hands on a copy of his excellent book, Four Thousand Days: My Journey From Prison To Business Success.